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Celebrate Women Portrait Campaign

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I'm Hollie Stokes, an Arizona based professional photographer, and in 2023, I’m on a mission to photograph women of all ages, sizes and shapes to show that ALL women are beautiful! So if you are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and above, it doesn't matter.  You are beautiful and you deserve to be showcased!

Once the project is done, I will showcase each woman on social media with a beautiful image and a biography on each woman

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Join me & you will receive


We will have a consultation to discuss your story and your unique vision for the shoot. You will have full access to my studio wardrobe and I will also coach you on what to wear and bring to your shoot so you don’t have to be concerned about looking your best. You will have time for about 4 outfits/looks during your studio photoshoot.


We will do your hair & makeup on the day of your photoshoot. Our pro artist can create anything from soft and natural look to a super glam fashionista look. It’s really about your unique vision. 

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Concerned that you aren’t photogenic?  That's ok!  We've got you covered!  Our superpower is turning women into super models through expert direction, lighting, styling & posing.

The photoshoot is extremely fun and empowering. You may enter a little shy, but you will definitely strut out the door with confidence when the session is over. Plan a night out and paint the town red, because you will look gorgeous & feel on cloud nine!


About two to three weeks after the shoot you will come back to the studio for the big reveal of your images! This is where we will select the complimentary image included in your package (which will also be featured on social media with your bio or you can order more images if you’d like! There will definitely be a ton of stunning ones to choose from!

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I’m offering the Celebrate Women special promotion package for just $349. (A total retail value of $875)


As one of the women in my Celebrate Women Campaign, you will receive:

  • CONSULTATION - During the consultation you can share a little bit about yourself and how you want to be photographed and to plan the wardrobe & styling

  • ACCESS TO STUDIO WARDROBE - There are gowns in our studio that you can wear during your photo shoot, if you desire

  • HAIR & MAKEUP - you will get your hair & makeup done for the photoshoot. We will custom tailor your hair & makeup look to your vision & desires

  • PHOTOSHOOT WITH HOLLIE - a fully guided photoshoot at our Peoria, AZ studio to help you feel like the confident and beautiful woman that you are meant to be!

    *We are not able to travel for this project

  • IMAGE REVEAL - where you see all your images & select/order your favorites

  • PORTRAIT OF YOUR CHOICE - You will get one portrait of your choice (a $349 value) in print & digital format. Or, if you wish to get more than one image, we can give you a $349 print credit to a larger package instead.

  • YOUR STORY FEATURED - your story & photos will be published on social media so we can share how fabulous you are with the world!

*Click each image to see it bigger. The women pictured are all fabulous women that have joined the Celebrate Women campaign

Book Your Spot!

To become one of our fabulous women for the Celebrate Women Campaign:

*Fill out the form and we will be in contact by phone or email

*you can also contact us directly 623.221.4765

Where shall we shoot? Our studio is located in Peoria, AZ.. Please confirm that you can do your photoshoot at our studio in Peoria, AZ .

Thanks for submitting!

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